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Springtree Case Study: Hopewell Grant

Stone Façade Replacement Addresses Water Damage in Townhomes

Hopewell Grant is a community of 240 spacious townhomes in Pennington, NJ managed by Regency Management Group. Although Hopewell Grant was built fairly recently in 2005, Regency Management Group had been receiving calls from residents in recent years about damage to stone façades and the areas behind the facades. Some residents noticed leaks inside their homes.

Regency contacted an engineering firm to perform testing and water probes throughout the community. Springtree Construction assisted the engineering firm during initial testing to pinpoint the cause of the problems and determine what exactly would need to be done to correct it.

Of the 240 units in Hopewell Grant, 78 had moisture behind the stone.

Water Infiltration Damage Caused by a Lack of Waterproofing

“The contractor that built the community didn’t install a water barrier behind the stone façade. As a result, the stone was cracking and the wood sheathing and headers behind the stone were rotting and shifting. In some areas, siding was damaged and mold was discovered."

Rose Clayton, Hopewell Grant Property Manager for Regency Management Group.

Springtree Construction had successfully completed a project for Rose on another property in South Orange, NJ, so she made sure they were on the bidding list for the Hopewell Grant project. When Springtree won the bid, they took the specifications that they had helped the engineering firm prepare and got to work.

The first step was to contact suppliers to find stone façade products and materials that matched the existing façade. Springtree then had to remove and dispose of all existing stone, repair or replace any damaged structures behind the facades, and properly install new stone facades with the correct water barrier.

Keeping the Property Manager and Residents Informed

Completing the stone façade replacement and structural repairs is a complicated project. Coordinating the work with 78 different homeowners adds a whole new layer of complexity. Each homeowner had to be informed about what areas the contractor would need to access, where they would be setting up scaffolding, and the extent of the work being done.

“Springtree kept me updated so I could report to the board and we didn’t receive any complaints from our residents,” Rose said. “They did a great job communicating with me and letting residents know when repairs would be happening and for how long. They also cleaned up the job sites at the end of each day instead of leaving a mess.”

Ultimately, all stone façade replacement and repair work was completed according to the engineer’s specifications – on schedule and on budget. The community board was happy, the property manager was happy, and the residents of Hopewell Grant were happy.

A Smart, Long-Term Investment

Water infiltration is an urgent problem that needs to be addressed right away. However, replacing the stone façade and correcting errors from the original construction will have a long-term impact on the Hopewell Grant community.

This investment has already improved the aesthetics of the community and will prevent structural and mold-related problems that can be caused by water damage. From the property manager’s perspective, they can rest easy knowing that they won’t be receiving calls from residents about water infiltration around a stone façade.

Springtree Construction is proud to be a construction partner of Regency Management Group and thrilled to be able to implement a long-term solution that protects their investment in Hopewell Grant. If you have a commercial, HOA, or multi-family property in need of repairs, restoration, or new construction, contact us today to request a quote.



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