Differences Between Restoration, Renovation & Remodeling

Differences Between Restoration, Renovation & Remodeling

First-time homeowners or builders generally find it difficult to differentiate between the most common types of home improvement projects. Common types include:

  • Home Restoration
  • Home Renovation
  • Home Remodeling

For your information, these three terms can be sub-parts of each other, but they aren’t interchangeable. If you’re confused about whether you need a home restoration, renovation, or remodeling, here’s a simple guide that differentiates between all three to help you understand.

Understanding Restoration

Typically, a home restoration refers to the process of returning a house to its original condition by making necessary structural and functional changes. The most common types of buildings that undergo restoration projects are historic sites. This helps preserve their significance, so they remain in place for longer. However, upon experiencing damage, a modern building can also undergo restoration.

A general home restoration project will include removals, repairs, refurnishes, and replacements of house items like those below:

  • Wooden floors
  • Old fixtures
  • Walls
  • Carpets
  • Faucets
  • Piping

It’s a cost-effective option to make sure that a house stays in healthy condition. Also, restorations utilize fewer resources and money. Unless the foundation is compromised, the entire process will be speedy.

Understanding Renovation

In general, renovation refers to the process of turning a structure, building, or house into something completely new. It can be in the form of a home addition or improving what’s present inside the house, such as:

  • Fixed appliances
  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Rooms

You can think of a typical home restoration as one step below remodeling. It involves making minor and mild tweaks to the house structure. Usually, homeowners go for home renovations to add a garage, room or change the layout of the entire house. They normally integrate renovations with restorations.

Understanding Remodeling

In simple words, remodeling is what most homeowners first think about whether they hear renovation, restoration, or remodeling. It’s the transformation of the entire structure or a building. Restoration helps return a structure to its original state, while renovation involves minor changes and tweaks. Conversely, remodeling encompasses both restoration and remodeling. Common remodeling plans include:

  • Changing floor plans
  • Adding walls
  • Adding rooms
  • Changing the exterior
  • Installing HVAC systems
  • Renewing and replacing the ceiling

Among all three, remodeling costs the highest due to the time, money, and effort it requires. It also needs more construction material as restoration takes place after demolishing unwanted structural or functional aspects


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